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Poor people are losing their homes everywhere * Latest Posts At Ground Level Commentary Contributions 

Poor people are losing their homes everywhere

For two days recently, violent clashes broke out between the police and informal settlers resisting the demolition of their homes (about 100 families) in a privately claimed lot in Culiat, Quezon City. These were but the latest of similar scenes in the metropolis and elsewhere in the country. Demolition – or the threat of it – has become the bane for urban poor families living in mostly makeshift dwellings (with some relatively permanent houses gradually improved over the years) built on lots they do not own. Their perception is that…

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How a banana in water gave me a new view of the urban poor * Latest Posts Columns On the Fringes 

How a banana in water gave me a new view of the urban poor

By BETTINA CATLI When I first heard that we were to attend an urban poor situationer, my first thought was, what is there to talk about? In my head, it was pretty clear what the situation was. I was remembering the crooked and dilapidated shanties, dirty-faced children running naked, and the occasional loud voices, sometimes spouting foul language. How could I forget their situation when I see them at every turn? But still, I went along with my co-interns thinking that I could maybe glean a few more information…

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Sinementong tahanan * Latest Posts Poetry 

Sinementong tahanan

Ni JOMAR GONZALES ADAYA umatake ang mga makina doon sa dagat ng mga kalawanging yerong silungan ng mga panis na pangarap: walang palag ang sahig sa pagkayod ng kamay ng backhoe: may hinuhukay walang imik ang pader sa pagngasab ng pangil ng buldoser: may ginigiba walang reklamo ang lupa sa paggulong ng solidong pison: may pinapatag at wala nga talagang nagawa: ang hinukay ang pinatag ang giniba, hindi nagtagal, unti-unting sinakop ng semento’t graba ang kanilang mga kaluluwa walang sinanto ang gumigiling na makinang nagsusuka ng pururot na taeng…

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Displaced * Latest Posts Commentary Contributions Opinion Vantage Point 


By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld The Aquino administration has declared as non-negotiable the relocation of some 20,000 non-formal settler families living along metro Manila’s waterways by the end of this year, and of 100,000 others by the end of Mr. Aquino’s term in 2016. The decision comes in the aftermath of the floods in metro Manila last week that caused schools and offices to shut down in some areas, and caused horrendous traffic jams, the severity of which the informal settler families living along metro Manila waterways…

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In 2012, urban poor jailed, killed for fighting for homes * Latest Posts Economy Human Rights Other Stories Special Reports Urban Poor Women & Children 

In 2012, urban poor jailed, killed for fighting for homes

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA – Eight months have passed since Arnel Leonor, 19, of Silverio Compound in Parañaque City, was killed during the demolition of their homes. As of this writing, no justice has been served and his mother Glenda feels it is taking too long. Eight months, too, have passed since Vicente Tiongson, 32, was arrested and jailed. His wife Mylene Marsenes, 24, said he was about to buy food after the demolition when the police arrested him. Since then, she and her two children survive…

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‘Puso ng Lungsod’ (Heart of the city) documents life of the urban poor * Latest Posts Culture - Front Urban Poor 

‘Puso ng Lungsod’ (Heart of the city) documents life of the urban poor

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA – Pinoy Media Center released its newest documentary on the lives and struggles of urban poor communities in the Philippines. “In this video, you would see how the divide-and-rule tactic is being used against the residents. But you will also see how they manage and how they are trying to overcome it,” Ilang-Ilang Quijano, editor of Pinoy Weekly and the filmmaker behind the documentary, said during its screening at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City. “Puso ng Lungsod” tells the story…

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Urban poor residents “occupy” housing agency * Latest Posts Other Stories Urban Poor 

Urban poor residents “occupy” housing agency

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA — Urban poor groups trooped to the government housing agency to protest the massive demolition of homes in North and East Triangle areas to give way to the Quezon City Central Business District project. In a statement, Alyansa Kontra Demolition, an alliance of urban poor groups, said their protest action on Monday, October 24, and their overnight camp out to “occupy” the National Housing Authority is their way of condemning “the futility of the Aquino administration in addressing the housing needs of the…

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