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Unilateral ceasefire mode and details need clarifying

This week the Philippine STAR is celebrating its 30th founding anniversary. I join its loyal readers in commending the editorial staff, the management, and the employees for the paper’s sustained growth and dedicated pursuance of its declared goal: that, through responsible reporting and opinion writing, truth shall prevail. Also I thank the Philippine STAR for…

The NPA said its guerrillas were not in the area where Leonard Co and two others were killed. It said it did not venture into the area because it was disadvantageous. “It is too heavily guarded by the 19th IB, the police, paramilitary and private security guards. Why would the NPA put itself at unnecessary risk when there are far better options for launching a tactical offensive?”

After watching the video, which was widely circulated on Facebook, many expressed shock and outrage, denouncing the Armed Forces of the Philippines as human-rights violators, while others simply commented how difficult it is to look at the video and not cry with anger.

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld Posted by Bulatlat.com Since President Benigno Aquino III announced his government’s adoption of a supposedly new counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy, the Philippine military has been all over the media. Its spokespersons have issued, among others, statements that it respects human rights and would henceforth be involved in providing…