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Martial law in PUP? | Student leaders slam administration’s repression

“The campus security personnel nailed the doors shut, forcibly removed the students and threatened that they will be arrested and brought to the police if they try to assert their rights. Activists are being threatened with expulsion.”

Photo slideshow: From Mendiola to Luneta, the deafening call: Never again!

In Manila, some 30,000 people gathered on Sept. 21 in a protest spearheaded by the Movement Against Related stories: Big, broad #LunetaRally delivers a resounding ‘Never again to Martial Law’ http://bit.ly/2xVQ6c3 In Mendiola, progressives vow to thwart Duterte’s attempts to return to dictatorship http://bit.ly/2fFvFpc In Davao, other cities, thousands rage against ‘tyranny’ http://bit.ly/2hmQnhb Follow us:…

Will Duterte declare Martial Law like Marcos?

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective Talks about President Duterte declaring martial law this week became louder and sounded more urgent five days ago when the AFP (Agence France-Presse) came out with an article with the title “Philippines’ Duterte may declare martial law: defense chief.” This triggered alarm bells and the AFP article was posted by…