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Never Again| It’s time to show that we are also serious

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective People were half expecting it, and we have always shouted “Never Again!” in response to these threats. And now, President Duterte has made good his threat of declaring martial law in Mindanao and hinted that he is willing to declare it nationwide. Since August 2016, or a little more than…

An illusion and a fraud

The argument that such values as human rights and the right to life are alien to Asian culture and impositions from the West, is not new. But not since the Martial Law period (1972-1986) and only recently has any Filipino functionary or politician demanded that other countries refrain from criticism of the policies and acts…

SC urged to halt #MarcosBurial at heroes’ cemetery

“The hasty interment of Marcos’ remains will result in a grave and irreparable injury to the people’s rights as it will send the message that the late dictator, criminal manipulator of the justice system, human rights violator, and plunderer was a hero, politically reversing the many decisions of the Supreme Court, the judgment of the people in EDSA and history.”