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Like Marcos and Arroyo, Duterte errs on rebellion

The late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos was touted to be a brilliant lawyer. Rodrigo R. Duterte, who idolizes the tyrant, prides himself on having been a prosecutor. But as the country’s presidents, each in his own time, both made erroneous public pronouncements about rebellion as a political offense. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is no lawyer. As…

Holiday or not, groups all set for nationwide rally tomorrow vs. martial law

“He can threaten the people with Martial Law using the Left as scapegoat, like what Marcos did, but it still will not deter the people from gathering in public places to voice their indignation.”

#MarcosNoHero | Groups lambast celebration of Marcos’ 100th birthday

“No compromise, no immunity!” called out the protesters, saying the Marcos family should return its stolen wealth without any condition.
The groups decried that Marcos is not a hero and had amassed $10 billion dollars, plundered the country’s resources and committed massive human rights violations against the people.

Multo ng Diktadura

Ni ED ROMANO LABAO Maging ang ‘yong bangkay ay hindi kayang uurin sa taglay mong lason ng kahapon bangungot ka ng kasaysayan may latak na pamanang iniwan senyales na sumasamba ang bagong sugo Anumang panaghoy ng mga inulila manhid ang giit ng katwiran Mangamba ang mga nagtiwala sa popular na iniluklok na mesiya Iisa ang…

Impunity on extrajudicial killings is a Marcos legacy

Last Tuesday presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella was quoted as telling reporters how President Duterte felt about the drug-related killings, both by the police and vigilantes, under his watch: “I think he’s very concerned and, in fact, bothered and troubled. He is deeply and profoundly concerned.” Did Abella accurately fathom the President’s innermost feelings on the…