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By Carol Pagaduan-Araullo Streetwise | BusinessWorld Two hours before the New Year is ushered in, this accidental columnist struggles to write the last essay for the year. It isn’t easy. Writing has never been easy for someone who doesn’t write in pursuit of a muse or a career. I write because, fortuitously, I have been…

By Carol Pagaduan-Araullo Streetwise | BusinessWorld Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City is not called the “killer highway” for nothing. It is notorious for vehicular accidents involving all manner of wheeled conveyances: speeding buses and jeepneys whose brakes invariably “fail”; tricycles that aren’t even supposed to be plying this major thoroughfare; sleek late-model sedans and SUVs…

By Carol Pagaduan-Araullo Streetwise | BusinessWorld Lumad extrajudicial killings and forced evacuations due to military and paramilitary forces rampaging across the indigenous people’s ancestral domain in the remaining frontiers of Mindanao have finally made its mark on the national public consciousness. The arrival of the Manilakbayan 2015, a contingent of more than 700 people who…

“The challenge is for us to truly see, closely analyze and scrutinize the current situation in the Philippines, the state of human rights, the corruption of those in power and the poverty of the Filipino people. We remember martial law and the sacrifices fighting it entailed… Forty-years after, we affirm it’s greatest lesson: to serve the people in all ways possible.” – Dr. Carol Pagaduan-Araullo, Bayan

Josie Lichauco, who passed away recently, was that rare person who, despite or perhaps because of, her rich and privileged background, found the courage to speak the truth and tilt at the windmills of arrogant power. She came down from her perch in high society and marched with the abused and the dispossessed.

Activists protesting the VFA.

Has the Visiting Forces Agreement served its avowed purpose? Or has it only reinforced the unequal alliance between the Philippines and the United States, a relationship so tilted in the Americans’ favor that to call the VFA an agreement — with all the word’s connotation of equal rights, benefits and privileges — would be a travesty?

The Arroyo government and its allies have been harassing their critics — political activists, human-rights advocates, journalists, government employees, workers, teachers, environmentalists, lawyers, to name some — with court cases that range from the frivolous to the absurd. Now, these victims of political persecution have banded together to fight back.