Updates from Migrante’s Crisis Hotline: As of February 26 -- 105 OFWs in Amal Area are ready for evacuation but are yet to receive inf…

Updates from Migrante’s Crisis Hotline:

As of February 26 — 105 OFWs in Amal Area are ready for evacuation but are yet to receive information and assistance from the Philippine embassy. They are fearing for their lives because the area where they are situated are hounded by looters every night. Photos available at website.

As of February 26, 8:00 p.m. — Around 100 foreign workers in Wafa Site in ENI Gas Plant subcontracted by MAN Company braved the desert route towards the Algerian border for seven (7) hours. When they reached the border, however, 47 OFWs and 5 Thais were not allowed to pass through because of lack of documents, only German and French nationals were allowed to enter.

The OFWs called the POLO-OWWA in Libya and they were told to return to Ghadames “to coordinate”. They remain trapped at the border as of this posting. If they go back, it would take another two hours on foot

They are asking help from Philippine authorities to be allowed to pass through the Algerian border. Their main contact person is Noel Circulado, 0918619917/091865404.

As of February 27, 6:00 p.m. — OFWs from the Hopewell Recruitment Agency cannot contact the Embassy in Tripoli. They have run out of food supplies and decided to move out towards the Algerian border this morning where they perceive it ‘relatively safe to stay’. All of them do not have their passports with them. Below are the names of the OFWs:
1. Joey Cruz – contact number: 0919379779
2. Celso Sunga
3. Eliseo Ocampo
4. Wodilito Cruz
5. Marvin Ocampo
6. Eufrasio de Castro
7. Ricky Agustin
8. Marvin Paculian
9. Richard de Guzman
10. Benjie Legal
11. Artemio Gomez Jr.
12. Nelson Rapanan
13. Baltazar Blen Jr.
14. Sherwin Taniola
15. Danilo Belen
16. Engr. Ervin Gargado

As of February 28, 12:00 midnight — More than 60 OFWs arrived at the Libyan-Egyptian border Al Salloum but no Philippine embassy officials were stationed there. The OFWs come from Amal and Harouge. They left the site at 9:00am and arrived at Tubrouk at 4:00pm escorted by an armed group who they had to pay 400dinars each. Their contact persons are Armie John – 0918924909 and Gilbert Garcia- 0918953061.

As of February 28 — A group of around 200 migrants, among them 80 OFWs, led by Migrante-Libya coordinator Gil Lebria has reached Tunisia at 6:00am. They are currently staying at a hotel there and will be flying back to Manila via Germany. Embassy officials are also missing in action in Tunisia, one of the exit posts identified by the DFA. Photos available at Migrante International website.