March 28, 2015     Philippines
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Urban Poor


Friday, March 13th, 2015

Urban poor leader hopes int’l tribunal could serve justice

The demolition of homes in North Triangle is among the cases that would be filed against President Aquino in the coming International People’s Tribunal in Washington DC in July.

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

UN body looks into govt rights violations vs. Corazon de Jesus residents

A United Nations agency has responded to the complaint by urban poor victims who suffered from “one of the most violent demolitions” in the country.

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Now what? | Aquino urged to heed Pope’s advice to address poverty

"We will be watchful in the coming days if the Aquino administration will make a paradigm shift in its programs especially those that concern the urban poor sector."

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

‘Nanay Mameng,’ the story of the urban poor

A new play on Carmen “Nanay Mameng” Deunida will show who she was before she became an activist.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Relocation sites: the land of empty promises in the middle of nowhere

From Luzon to Mindanao, urban poor relocatees tell stories of hunger, worsening poverty and desperation.

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Malabon residents fear looming demolition, loss of livelihood

“Where do they want us to sleep? Where do they want us to live?”

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Urban poor in Rodriguez, Rizal: Living on the edge of uncertainty*

Recalling life as a migrant worker, Magdalena shares her secret on how she was able to endure long years working abroad. Apart from the salary given her, she demanded her boss three simple things: “Treat me as...

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Demolition turned us into activists — North Triangle residents

"I would have never been an activist if the government did not tear down our homes." -- Estrelieta Bagasbas, chairwoman of September 23 Movement

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Relocation site almost wiped out by typhoon

Thousands of residents affected in flooded relocation sites in Montalban.

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

‘Do you have a heart, Mr. President?’ | Katuparan residents slam eviction threat

“Residents have endured the decrepit state of the buildings, which should have been maintained by the NHA but the residents have in fact been doing the needed repairs themselves. Now, they have been told that the housing...

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Lack of jobs belies DAP is for economic stimulus, says urban poor

“Aquino has opened the country’s economy for the benefit of big foreign businesses. He would even give them tax incentives. But we, Filipinos, are not getting the same. What would happen to us?”

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