Category: Photo of the Week

Blood-splattered Zamboanga City twilight

October 10, 2013, just over a week after the ceasefire of the standoff between the military and rogue Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) forces in Zamboanga City. Parked in the coast inside the compound of the Western Mindanao Command, is one of the motorboats reportedly used by armed MNLF fighters to enter Brgy. Rio Hondo during the onset of the crisis. The shipwreck lies astoundingly beautiful against the golden sunset in one of the southernmost points of the Mindanao island.

His tantrums and the apricot sky

Just few days after the landfall of Super Tyhpoon Ruby in December 2014, this kid aboard a parked vessel along the coast of Poblacion, Basey, Samar was crying. His mother was shouting along the coast, retorting him to go home. His mother later told me that the child was having tantrums because he was not permitted to go deep-sea fishing with his father. As the night falls, this bluish grey sky, with a slight tint of apricot, seemingly wept with the boy.