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Martial Law was just OK? * Latest Posts Columns On the Fringes 

Martial Law was just OK?

By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL MANILA – When I searched for netizens’ thoughts about the commemoration of martial law last Monday, Sept. 21, I stumbled upon a number of tweets saying good things about it. “Martial law years were better than today because people were more disciplined, there were less crimes, the economy was better,” and so on. People made comments as if they lived through those days. The commenters’ profiles, however, showed that they are young, somwhere in their early 20s or 30s and certainly did not experience…

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To be a fool or a tool for change? * Latest Posts Columns On the Fringes 

To be a fool or a tool for change?

By CHRISTINE ANNE T. CABANATAN On the Fringes When I learned that we were to attend an environment forum, I thought, this is just self-explanatory. However, as I listened to the speakers from the Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment and Ban Toxics, I have picked up a great deal of realities, of which I was not aware. This theme is clear as crystal to me. I thought of a devastated environment because of the extreme storms, denuded forests caused by the illegal loggers, clogged drainages from irresponsible people’s…

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How a banana in water gave me a new view of the urban poor * Latest Posts Columns On the Fringes 

How a banana in water gave me a new view of the urban poor

By BETTINA CATLI When I first heard that we were to attend an urban poor situationer, my first thought was, what is there to talk about? In my head, it was pretty clear what the situation was. I was remembering the crooked and dilapidated shanties, dirty-faced children running naked, and the occasional loud voices, sometimes spouting foul language. How could I forget their situation when I see them at every turn? But still, I went along with my co-interns thinking that I could maybe glean a few more information…

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Surviving an earthquake * Latest Posts Columns On the Fringes 

Surviving an earthquake

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Talks of the impending Big One, the strong earthquake that would result from the inevitable movement of the West Valley Fault makes me relive the nightmare of the Baguio earthquake in 1990. Yes, I was in Baguio City when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked Luzon island and badly hit the Pine City on that fateful Monday of July 16, 1990 at 4:26 p.m.. I, together with a co-facilitator from the consultancy NGO Masai, was conducting a NGO management training for Cordillera-based NGOs. We were in a…

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Labor 101| From the eyes of one who is about to enter the labor force * Latest Posts Columns On the Fringes 

Labor 101| From the eyes of one who is about to enter the labor force

By BETTINA CATLI The main concern of students, especially college students, is to pass subjects and finally be handed a diploma – the fruit of four or five years’ work, borne out of tears and sleepless nights. Once this is done, scores of fresh graduates go out into the world and join the labor force, hoping to earn their keep and become productive contributors to the economy. I, for one, am anxious to begin carving out my place in the world, to wake up each day knowing that each…

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