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Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

‘Fight vs cybercrime law not over’ — netizens

“Libel in itself has been abused for so many years to harass and malign journalists. What’s stopping cunning individuals from exploiting the new online libel provision? I see none.” – Kabataan Partylist Rep. Terry Ridon

Friday, December 13th, 2013

‘Act on media killings,’ gov’t told

“Forming local task forces every time a journalist is killed is hardly comprehensive action to address a larger problem of weak law enforcement and a tolerated culture of impunity." – Bayan Muna

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Ilocos Sur journalists commemorate Maguindanao massacre, reiterates call for justice

"We are frustrated with the slow pace of the trial. It is disheartening that justice lies in the hands of those who are powerful, yet, they are not doing anything about it.” – CEGP-Ilocos Sur

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Victims’ kin to Aquino: ‘What happened to your promise?’

“How long will the trial take? 10 years? 20 years? We are getting old.” – Maria Cipriana Gatchalian, 61, widow of journalist Santos P. Gatchalian Jr. RELATED STORY | Kin of Ampatuan massacre victims seek UN help

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

On 4th year of Ampatuan massacre, Aquino tagged as ‘Impunity King’

"The case is an encapsulation of 'justice delayed, justice denied.'" – Dean Roland Tolentino, UP College of Mass Communications

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Pooled editorial: `Impunity King’ President Aquino perpetuates culture of impunity

There is a simple explanation to call President Aquino the country’s “Impunity King”: He allows the perpetuation of the culture of impunity as he has not done anything to end it

Monday, October 7th, 2013

On the red-baiting of | Same old but dangerous military mindset

This anachronistic, malicious accusation and insinuation of a military officer, a public affairs spokesman at that, reminds us of Cold war-era politics and martial law, 41 years ago, when anyone critical of the Marcos dictatorship was branded...

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Stop branding media outfits as state enemies, media group tells military

By MARYA SALAMAT MANILA – Now, it is not just doctors, nurses,priests and nuns, critical netizens, but also scientists and journalists, who should watch out for their safety and human rights. The National Union of Journalists...

Friday, September 27th, 2013

The killing of a journalist is an attack against press freedom

By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL I will not forget that day of Nov. 23, 2009 when the news broke out that 58 individuals were reportedly killed on their way to accompany the Genalyn Tiamzon-Mangudadatu, wife of...

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

44th month of Ampatuan massacre commemorated

Mrs. Salaysay, widow of slain journalist Napoleon Salaysay, expressed hope that the Filipino people would not forget the Ampatuan massacre.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Widows of Ampatuan massacre victims disappointed in Aquino’s speech

“I am sad but also happy to know that many people continue to support our fight for justice.” – widow of Ampatuan massacre victim

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