November 28, 2015     Philippines
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Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Paghahanda sa ekspansyon ng plantasyon ng palm oil sa Pilipinas

Pangalawa sa dalawang-bahaging artikulo tungkol sa plantasyon ng palm oil Unang bahagi: Ang nakalalasong usok at ang plantasyon ng palm oil sa Indonesia Ni CLEMENTE BAUTISTA Sa Pilipinas, pareho rin ang tinatahak ng gobyerno sa pagpapalaganap ng palm oil plantation. Mabilis na pumapasok at nangangamkam ng lupa sa ating mga kagubatan at kapatagan ang mga

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Will EDCA lead to war?

By Satur C. Ocampo At Ground Level | The Philippine Star Soon after the Supreme Court began en-banc deliberations on two petitions urging it to declare as unconstitutional the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (signed between the Philippine...

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Whitewashed walls, Aquino version

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld From clearing Metro Manila’s thoroughfares of street vendors, parked cars, and sidewalk stalls to prevent the horrendous traffic jams that everyday make moving from one place to another torture...

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Ang lumalabang Lumad, hindi si Duterte, ang tanglaw ng Mindanao

QUESTION EVERYTHING Mong Palatino *Talumpating binigkas sa Mindanao Human Rights Summit na ginanap sa Philippine Normal University, Taft, Manila noong Nobyembre 12, 2015 Sa susunod na linggo, ipapalabas na ang inaabangang huling installment ng pelikulang Hunger Games....

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

And now there are 15

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective On September 16, 1991, 12 senators, collectively called the “Magnificent 12,” went against the wishes of President Cory Aquino and voted for the non-renewal of the US-RP Military Bases treaty. This paved...

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Polluters not paying: privatization as root of the energy crisis

A corporate-driven national power policy and program makes even clean and renewable energy projects anti-people and anti-environment.

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

APEC Blues

BLOOD RUSH By SARAH RAYMUNDO The Aquino regime has only buried us deeper into conditions of social and economic backwardness. As president, he has brought the liberalization of trade to its foregone conclusion: a local econoomy that...

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Arbitration ‘privatizes’justice system in the US

By Satur C. Ocampo At Ground Level | The Philippine Star Privatization is one of the three elements (along with liberalization and deregulation) of neoliberal economic globalization that has immensely contributed to mass impoverishment and gross income...

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Bulletproof in the reign of impunity

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld If there were an award for the most duplicitous story of the year, it should go to the Philippine National Police (PNP) for its claim that the bullets that...

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

‘Laglag’ or ‘tanim bala’ scam, blowing up in the face of the Aquino administration

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya of the Department of Transportation and Communications is again at the center of another scandalous issue – after the MRT/LRT breakdowns and mishaps – this time for the...

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Why the Left is fighting alongside the Lumad

What they refuse to recognize is that it is mainly the Left which has chosen to embrace the struggle of the Lumad compared to other political forces which sided with foreign capital and big business in the...

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