NDFP: ‘We Honor Alex as a True People’s Journalist and Poet’

Dear Friends,

Like so many of his friends, we are shocked by the sudden and untimely death of Alex Martin Remollino at the young age of 33. Please convey our sincerest condolences on behalf of the NDFP Negotiating Panel, to his beloved partner Becca and the rest of his family and relatives.

We knew him as a very dedicated and competent journalist, seeking the truth to advance the people’s struggle for national and social liberation. His keen sense of justice and support and compassion for the exploited and oppressed struggling for liberation could be felt in his writings. He was quick to respond and take up the current and burning issues of the time.

We honor him as a true people’s journalist and poet. His devotion to the people’s cause reminds us of the NDFP’s first chairperson, Antonio Zumel, an outstanding people’s journalist.

May the noble memory and legacy of Alex Martin Remollino live on and inspire more and more people’s journalists, poets and activists to continue the people’s struggle for national and social liberation.

Yours sincerely,

Luis Jalandoni
Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

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